The Truth about Restaurant Romance

Recently, two of my co-workers broke up. Ironically, another couple that also works with me broke up the same week! In the restaurant world, I have seen many co-workers date and break up (yes, even I have done it!). Here are some reasons why dating a server in your restaurant usually doesn’t work:

1. It will not remain a secret. Even if you try to keep the relationship on the down-low at work, social media will eventually expose it. In result, your co-workers will become more involved and nosy than they should. Servers also love to gossip about co-workers, especially ones that are dating.

2. You will find your inner jealously. Even if you are not normally jealous, dating a server will change that. Waiters tend to have flirty personalities at work to get better tips, but watching your significant other flirt with cute table guests will drive you crazy. In addition, if you catch other co-workers flirting with him/her, you are not going to be happy!


3. You will most likely break up. Not only will working with your ex be uncomfortable, but you will have to hear about their crazy nights out and new partners when they are talking to other co-workers. Sadly, your ex might spread hurtful rumors about you too.

Save yourself now by avoiding work relationships. You will see them too often, too many people get involved, and breaking up will be disastrous. So keep your work and love life separate!



How to Make Small Talk With Your Tables


When you first become a server, it can feel uncomfortable and unnatural to make small talk with your tables. Here are a few pointers to master the skill of being a conversational waiter:

1. Read your tables. I have learned that there are many different kinds of tables; some tables want to be left alone and have a private evening while other tables love to joke around with their servers. Learn to gauge what each of your tables is like and adjust to them appropriately.

2. Don’t take things personally. Sometimes guests will be rude or talk down to you, which happens to me at least once every shift. When this happens, learn to let it go and kill them with kindness. Don’t let your negative tables to affect your mood, especially because your other tables will notice.

3. Be yourself while maintaining a professional demeanor. Most tables love when you are honest, friendly, and completely yourself with them. While it’s good to be open with your guests, you still need to be professional. With practice, you will learn to balance these two personalities perfectly.

By following these three simple steps, you will make a better impression on your tables!