Tips for a Waiter in Training

Yesterday at work, I started to reflect on the days when I was a waitress in training at my current restaurant. I realized there a several things I wish I knew when I was training. For example, I wish I knew to painstakingly study the restaurant’s menu because not knowing the menu leads to mistakes (and embarrassment!). In addition, I thought of three main pieces of advice that every server in training should know and follow from day one:

1. Listen to your trainer. Don’t just nod your head to everything they say; actually listen to them. Most trainers cover a lot of information very quickly, so you should pay attention and focus on memorizing every detail. The more you learn, the better server you will be!

2. Ask questions. I remember I held back asking important questions during training because I knew they were probably dumb and obvious, such as wondering if certain dishes were vegetarian. Believe me, it’s better to ask questions in the beginning instead of later on when you should already know the answer!

3. Be professional. As a new employee, you want to make a good impression on your co-workers and managers. Be on time, know your schedule, wear appropriate and clean clothes, and don’t talk about that party you went to over the weekend. Also, be positive and helpful so that your co-workers will enjoy being around you!

By following these guidelines, you can be an exceptional server right away rather than later on. There are also free online tools for waiters in training, such as, that can provide you with additional training resources. Soon enough, you will be serving up this:

best waiter

For those of you that are already waiters, what do you wish you knew when you were going through training?



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